Mamish Tech: A Slack Community for Intentional and Digital Living

A little over a year ago, two friends and I discovered that as a group we most enjoyed talking about all things tech: productivity tools, gadgets, graphic design, and the like. A Slack workspace called The Year of Ease (h/t to my friend Jeff and his practice of bestowing each life-year a theme), the purpose for which was to discuss intentional living in a myriad of ways, hosted most of those interactions. But as our range of conversation grew, so did our need for a more robust forum. Enter Mamish* Tech, a Slack workspace for Jews and non-Jews to gush over all things digital, intentional, and creative.

Some of our members are Jewish communal professionals (synagogue executive directors, board members, operations managers); others include digital humanities librarians, and entrepreneurs in tech and other industries.

Topics in our workspace include creative endeavors, marketing, personal knowledge management, data visualization, digital privacy, notebooks and note-taking, and intentional living.

Those of us with Jewish spiritual practices have embarked on a creative project designing our own siddurim (prayerbooks) from quotes, poetry, and other sources of wisdom found from many areas of life and work. We share sources, status updates, and pictures in our #Jewish channel.

If you or someone you know would like to join our workspace, email me directly at elishevathompson[at]gmail[dot]com and sign in here.

*Mamish is a Yiddish word derived from Hebrew which means very or totally.

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