I might miss this beauty if I am not paying attention, if my thoughts are too caught up in this thing or that, or my emotions are attempting to cling to anger or pain, or the sense that I am right. Thing is, I can also miss my own true nature, and my own beauty.

Every day, I attempt to let go into stillness, to learn to listen, not necessarily with ears, but also with my being. This requires that I set down that which I think I know in order to be open to that which I do not or may not yet know. And every moment holds something new, something I’ve not experienced, or felt, or thought of. There is a perspective that I will miss, over and over, unless I allow myself to pause, drop, and open.

My wish is to keep returning to this practice, wherever I am. It helps to keep me clean, aware, questioning, compassionate, and alive. It may not always look like success, but it feels that way to me — the success of one more moment of presence that has shown me something new, something beautiful.

And over time, the mystery is revealed, inch by textured inch, tone by resonant tone, breath by… breath.

There is beauty inside you. Try never to doubt it.

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