A Garden Party

Los Angeles

Last weekend we had a dinner party at our house to celebrate the end of Summer and the (alleged) coming of Fall. You know? I may succumb every now and then to notions of grandeur and charity, but that evening, as I sat at the end of a large table full of people I adore, clinking their glasses, sharing stories and laughing with one another, I was reminded of how much I love this. I love this. I don’t know much about where I’m going or where I’m supposed to be, but I know that scenes like the above make my heart sing. Surely this is part of my purpose. And maybe, just maybe, life isn’t about reaching people on the largest possible scale after all, or about being heroes for world peace on stage and podium. Maybe a fulfilling life is just a collection of small moments like these, where we open our homes and minds to one other, engage in healthy dialogue, and join in the holy communion of food cooked with love.

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